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Excuse me!!! Introduction: before you continue reading.

Hello there dear,

I would begin this introduction by welcoming you and further telling you how excited I am to start this journey with you. And trust me, I am excited.

But let me start here. It has taken me 5 years and 5 months to summon up all the courage to do this. I kept asking myself if I would be good enough to write something worthwhile.

Here’s the thing, I have a truckload of ideas in my head. Sometimes I try to put them together, but words fail me, and sometimes I don’t even realise I have these ideas until I write them down.

Growing up, whenever I’m asked what I’d like to become in the future, I tell them I would love to be a musician, an author, a presenter, and an actress. I’ve explored all these passions of mine, and I’ve given up on every single one of them. I’ve tried picking myself back up, but I falter again.

Next to music, I desired to write stories while growing up. Heck no! I used to write stories, and I remember having a sister who rather enjoyed similar things with me. We would write stories and share with one another, and on and on, we just enjoyed these things.

I’d never once stopped writing fiction, then I discovered I could write more things about life, combine stories and motivational writings, write poems and share them with the world, write in my local dialect and I could translate from my local dialect to the English language. My God! I have talents, and I’m letting them go to waste?

One would think that after all these realizations, I was ready to take over the world... no. I still struggled with these talents, and you experience that feeling where you see people who might not have as much as you do achieving great things and you are just stuck. Yeah, that was it for me.

Regardless, I perceived what regret awaited me if I had every tool at my disposal and I couldn’t take advantage of them all, every single one of them. So here I am, using my hands to rewrite my destiny. (did you see what I did there? guess I’m not an impressive writer then). not giving up despite that. I am fusing all my abilities into one another. None of them can exist in isolation, so I made them a piece of my love.

My love for music, for writing, for love, family, life and bringing them together to share my thoughts and opinions with someone out there who may need relatable answers and not something generic. Someone who craves for everything and likes to explore ideas.

And that is why I say that this blog is not a cliche blog, it’s general and will touch everything and anything the human mind can grasp. Because this world is an ocean of endless possibilities and happenings, why do we want to be limited?

But to be cliche-aware, I call it “A personal development blog.” I know it’s advisable to stick to one thing, but where’s the fun in that? I promise you, there is a spring here, a source willing to flow in various directions, and I would give everything to make sure that this journey is worthwhile.

Being mostly an inward person, I like to share my feelings with my books and writing material, but I’m learning to not always internalise them. “A piece of my love” has to be the greatest tool to do that.

I could go on and on rambling. I hope you get my “drill.”

I’m Lady Ibkay, and I am super excited to welcome you to “Piece of My Love.” I have great hopes and aspirations that my blog will propel you towards a relatable, more enlightened way of living.

Did I say I am super excited already? cos.....................I am.

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