Beautiful Landscape

It was a spirit

I was quite young then, about four or five years old. What did I know besides playing, jumping around, and eating?

On this particular day, I had finished playing and was forced to go have my bath with my elder siblings. Oh, God!!! I hate showering. We were under the shower, splashing water and laughing, when all of a sudden, we saw that thing. I saw that thing. It was like a thick cloud floating by the door with eyes and clouds dropping like legs. I froze for a second. I had no idea what it could mean or what I could say. My siblings were frozen by the corner of the bathroom, and my eldest drew me closer, but I was in front. I mean, if anything happened, I assume it would happen to me first.

For an everlasting second, we stood there, not knowing what to do. The cloudy-spirit thingy seemed to advance, and I made a fruitless effort to go in-between my siblings. No way, if anyone went down, it wouldn’t be them. Let it take the frail, helpless, and weak baby of the house.

It soon faded away, but before it did, it seemed like it was speaking, and we seemed to be shouting for help. Our mouths were moving, but our sounds were silent. And so the spirit disappeared, and like a quick flash, my siblings dashed out of the bathroom, leaving me to cry and scream my lungs out.

We never spoke of this incident, not to anyone and not to ourselves. We didn’t understand it, and it would have made absolutely no sense to anyone if we had told them.

I doubt if my siblings still remember this incident, but I do, almost vividly enough that sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t just my imagination because that scene could not be explained, it had no significant meaning to us, and it probably never will happen again for us to understand it.

But I was sure; I’m still sure, it was a spirit.

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